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Published by pratyushkp on May 24th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

Social Search a feature provided by Google combines regular search results with publicly available data of friends- friends would generally mean Google contacts, Google talk and other networks from Google account.        

This feature was recently subjected to lot of controversy when Facebook a stiff competitor used a PR firm to release negative stories about Social Search to the press. Facebook claims that Google has been using Facebook data to run its service without Facebook’s permission.

Google has chosen to remain quiet on this issue and has mentioned only about Twitter in its blog post. Social Search shall be available in 19 more languages from next week, with more languages on the way. Google may probably not be allowed to enter facebook users communication as Facebook’s internal search engine Bing , from Microsoft, is the rival to Google search engine.

While the web is growing fast as a tool to search information about anything, Google will definitely grab its share from other companies. As Google is the search engine powerhouse and as people trust Google’s results this is definitely a smart move from Google’s perspective.

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