Facebook Adds Unmerge Merged Places Pages Option

Published by pratyushkp on January 7th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

Allows separating business pages from the Facebook Places page

Facebook, the popular social network, has quietly added a new option to unmerge Pages that have been merged with the Places Pages. Inside Facebook blog reported that Facebook’s new option will allow Page admins to unlink their Facebook Page that merged into Facebook Places Pages. These merged Places Pages didn’t display tabs like the traditional Facebook Page. Hence, the advertisers had created a unique page Unmerge Places and My Business Page to protest against the no roll-back feature.

facebook unmergeFacebook Places were introduced in August and simultaneously allowed Advertisers to claim their places.  Then those users were offered to merge their business pages with the Places Page in premise of more centralized management of the page. This was applicable to the Businesses with just one physical location and one Page. However, Facebook didn’t offer any option to separate the merged business page with Places pages.

Now the Page admins get the new Unmerge option, which can be actively used to separate a business page from the Places page. This option would be visible on the bottom left corner of the page just above the Share button. As soon as you click on the Unmerge all merged Places you’ll get a pop-up with the following message:
Once you confirm this request, the format of this Page will be reverted to the previous format and location information will be removed. The Places that you merged will be restored as separate claimed Places that you also still own and must continue to manage.

This new Unmerge option may or may not appear for the Page admins,but be rest assured since Facebook might be rolling it out gradually. The Page admins who never merged their business page with Places page can now try to experiment by merging them since the option to roll back is available.

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