Yahoo Revamps Yahoo Mail & Yahoo Messenger!

Published by pratyushkp on November 18th, 2010 - in Social, Technology

Yahoo has unveiled a beta version of its new Yahoo Mail & Yahoo Messenger.

With Facebook launching an innovative mail service and AOLtweaking itself, it was time Yahoo! revamped itself to stay ahead of the competition or stay in the competition. Yahoo has unveiled its 11th edition of the Messenger and Mail service.

Dubbed Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta and Yahoo! Mail Beta yahoo promise a whole new experience and new features for users.

The New Revamped Yahoo Messenger

Users will now be able to post updates on social networking sites like Facebook, Pulse, Flickr and Twitter. Yahoo messenger will now allow users to play games with their contacts just like in Facebook (Facebook games like Mafia wars, Fishville etc.. soon to be added).

Yahoo Messenger 11 also enables users to chat with their friends on Facebook Chat using the dedicated instant messaging client. Yahoo! Messenger 11 will also allows multiple sign-ins, so you won’t get disconnected from your desktop if you sign in on your mobile device and the messages will be sent to all the signed in devices at the same time.

The New Revamped Yahoo Mail

The new Yahoo mail beta has been designed from the scratch, in addition to having equipped with integration to social networking sites. Yahoo has also improved security, giving users additional protection from spam.

The revamped yahoo mail will now allow users to view Photos and videos from Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube directly. In addition to that searching for mail and sorting it out becomes easier.


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