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Published by pratyushkp on September 10th, 2010 - in Social, Technology

Facebook is all set to roll out a new privacy feature after complaints of their original Privacy policy refuse to die down. In their new move to protect the information of users, Facebook has roped in their third part application that provides games and other features to its users.

Facebook’s applications will now have to ask the permission of the user before it can use the individuals Facebook data. Initially applications already had to ask users for permission to access anything in their profiles that wasn’t public. But these services didn’t have to specify what information they were using. Such information can include your photos, your friends’ birthdays or your e-mail address.

Now, applications will have to specify to users the information that they will use or look into. But, it doesn’t give users a chance to pick the information it wants share neither does it allow the user to proceed without sharing.

This new move according to Bret Taylor, provides more transparency to users on how Facebook and its third party applications operates.

Thought the move was welcomed by critics they still fell that Facebook could still improve on its privacy policy.


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