7 Reasons College Students Make the Best Bloggers


So, you want to start a blog? The only problem is the fact that you’re in college. With exams to study for, extra curriculars taking up your time, and way too many parties eating up your social schedule, it can be hard to justify starting a blog for no reason other than a slight curiosity. However, this college lifestyle that you think is keeping you from blogging is actually one of the main things that will make you a great blogger. College students have the potential to make some of the best kinds of bloggers. From constant access to the freedom of youth, to the ability to speak your mind and understand the world around you, there is good reason to think twice before discounting a blogging career while in college. Read on for what makes college students such excellent bloggers:

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6 signs that a business is failing

NYC: American Intl Building and Manhattan Comp...

NYC: American Intl Building and Manhattan Company Building (Photo credit: wallyg)

No health deteriorates overnight. Sure we have heard of cancer, liver and kidney failure – but there are always some signals. Ignore them, and you are dead.

Similarly there are some signals that you can pick up from a business that warns you about a possible failure in the near future

1. In ability to pay the statutory dues: this could be Service Tax, Income tax, TDS made from vendor/ employee payments. ….When you are running out of cash to make these payments, see what is going wrong asap.

2. You have some white elephant assets, but your top management refuses to part with those assets saying ‘these are strategic assets’.

3. Not paying salaries on time. After the government and the vendors, the salaries of your own employees are delayed.

4. Directors offering to differ their own salary and that of their top management.

5. Customer complaints and employees attrition: The customers and employees who walk with their talent. When they go they cause two types of damages – they take a few more clients, and sometimes a lot more employees too.

6. Raising more money- but using it in working capital. This is actually increasing your total overall costs, because of the higher interest amounts. It could also be a signal of the average days outstanding.
The author P V Subramanyam is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and a financial trainer by profession. Writing being a passion he also regularly pens his thought in his


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5 Things Never To Do On


Amazon-New-Detail-Page (Photo credit: kokogiak)

So you’re at the figurative checkout counter of, groceries and gadgets and George Foreman grill in your e-shopping cart, and you’re ready to charge your credit card. As you hover your mouse cursor over the final “Purchase” button, however, a single drop of nervous sweat forms above your temple. The question materializes in your mind, as you begin to fret: “Am I paying too much for this stuff?”

On Amazon, or any online shopping store, finding the lowest price can be difficult, not to mention nerve-wracking. That’s why we’ve put together these four things you should always remember when shopping on Amazon. The tips herein should help you make better purchasing decisions and ensure that you’re buying your items at an optimal time and price.

Here are our four best tips and tricks for shopping on Amazon. Your wallet (if it could, in fact, both talk and experience a feeling of gratitude) will thank you later:

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8 Email Mistakes to Avoid


Conversation (Photo credit: Peter Nijenhuis)

These blunders are more than just productivity killers; they will also make you look pretty foolish.

Knowing your way around your email inbox is, of course, crucial if you want to get anything done. But it’s also necessary to avoid making a fool of yourself with silly (and unfortunately all too common) communication mistakes. Here’s a list of the most common email blunders to avoid:

1. Not including the email thread in your reply.

Think about how many emails you receive every day. When you’re communicating with dozens of people a day, sometimes you forget where you were in a particular conversation or what the conversation was even about, right? So it’s nice to be able to skim through the previous emails to refresh yourself before responding. Do your recipients a favor and include the whole thread when responding. Although deleting the thread declutters the email and makes it appear less lengthy, in the end, it just creates confusion for the recipient.

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