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Bin Laden’s Death Sparks Record 12.4 Million Tweets Per Hour

May 3rd, 2011
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The death of Osama Bin Laden was one of the most tweeted events in history — and generated the highest sustained rate of tweets ever.

Twitter has released updated statistics on the usage of its platform last night. Previously, the social media company reported that more than 4,000 tweets were sent per second during the beginning and the end of Obama’s speech. It now says the real number of tweets was about 25% higher.

At 11:00 p.m. ET, just before Obama’s speech, users generated 5,106 tweets per second, the highest single volume of tweets during the night. At 11:45 p.m., just when he finished his speech, Twitter users were sending 5,008 tweets per second.

“Last night saw the highest sustained rate of Tweets ever,” Twitter announced in a tweet. “From 10:45 – 2:20am ET, there was an average of 3,000 Tweets per second.” That equates to a whopping 27,900,000 tweets in just two hours and 35 minutes.

Between 10:45 p.m. ET and 12:30 a.m. ET, the company says its users averaged 3,440 tweets per second. At its peak, Twitter delivered an average of 12,384,000 tweets per hour.

The new numbers offer a glimpse into just how momentous Osama Bin Laden’s demise was. The event surpasses the 3,283 tweets sent per second during Japan’s victory over Denmark in the World Cup, and the 4,064 tweets sent per second during one of the final moments of this year’s Super Bowl.

However, the record for most tweets sent in the same second is still 6,939 — which happened during the most recent New Year in Japan..

Update: Twitter has released a graph depicting Twitter activity last night:

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For Students, What Is the “Facebook Effect” on Grades?

April 29th, 2011

Social media has several effects on academic work— some more positive than others. But what is social networking’s overall impact on college students’ performance?

According to data gathered from several sources by, Facebook and Twitter are used to great benefit — sometimes. Students welcome online engagement and resources; around 75% of student respondents said they’d like to do some online collaboration for class, in fact.

Also, social media may have a positive impact on students’ sense of themselves in the community. Social media-using students were twice as likely as other students to feel well-liked by their peers and to participate in extracurricular activities. And 20% more of Facebook-using students (as compared to students who didn’t use Facebook) said they felt connected to their school and community.

However, negative effects abound. Students who use Facebook and hit the books simultaneously found their multitasking led to 20% lower grades than those of their more focused peers. Facebook-using students also made less money during school from part-time work, putting in around five hours per week as opposed to 16 hours per week for a typical, unplugged counterpart.

Not only do grades and finances suffer, but students might actually end up feeling more depressed or lonely. Almost half of students believe they are sadder than their friends on Facebook, and 25% of college students have shown signs of severe depression in their status updates at one time or another.

In a word, the results are inconclusive. But with around 96% of all college students on Facebook, only the most dedicated academics would consider giving up social media for a slightly better GPA.

In the comments, we’d like to know what impact social media had or has on your academic work. And if your college career pre-dates social media, how do you think college is better or worse because of Facebook?

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Facebook Scam: Fake Event Invitation Claims To Show Who Viewed Your Profile

April 26th, 2011

Another day, another Facebook profile scam.

This latest con, promising a peek at who has viewed your profile, is spreading via an event invite titled “WOW Now you can see anyone who looks at your profile!”

The invitation includes a link to a page that resembles a Facebook event page. Here, instructions guide you through copying and pasting a piece of javascript into your browser’s address bar, which you definitely don’t want to do.

Clicking the event’s “I’m Attending” button–don’t!–will likely push the scam to your friends’ news feeds.

In addition, an equally unsafe how-to video on getting free Facebook credits is embedded at the bottom of the phony page.

These kinds of Facebook scams surface frequently, sometimes as fake apps, other times as spammy Wall posts or instant messages. As usual, you should be wary of any Facebook event, app or message that promises to reveal who is looking at your profile.

If you’ve accidentally clicked on this invite, we recommend you remove all traces of the event from your news feed and wall, and double check your Facebook app settings.

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Is Twitter really dying?

April 16th, 2011

Jack Dorsey designed the word Twitter in 2006 after he noticed people sending short messages to each other wanting to know about each other’s status.

Today Twitter has covered 200 million people who communicate in an orderly, simple fashion unlike that noisy Facebook messages- in short one is devoid of target ads, friends request and flippant messages from unknown folks!!! .

However Twitter’s usage is limited because of fewer visitors and alarming outrages which is making it unprofitable. Ubbermedia the company behind mobile twitter is planning to create a microblogging network, one that may do away with the famous 140 character limit.  Should twitters move to a town with fewer regulations so that Jacks dream does not die an early death???

Users believe that the 140 characters limit is irritating and does not allow them to post their entire status or mood. Other social media site like “Tumblr” seems to be more appealing. Even Facebook has a higher limit. Thus, if twitter wants to increase its fan following, the primary step for “Jack Dorsey” is to do away with this “character limit” or at least expand it.

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Facebook Gets Breakup Notifier App

February 24th, 2011

An app that’ll make Barney Stintson proud

The dating game is cruel, and hot guys and girls don’t stay single for long. It’s a jungle out there and you have to act fast, before someone makes a move. So with a burgeoning friend list populated with hundreds of eligible mates, how do you keep track of potential marks? Developer Dan Loewenherz has found a way to make your life better with the Breakup Notifier App for Facebook.

This nifty little application lets you create a watch list of sorts containing all those who you covet, but aren’t available at the moment. It’s simple how it works; after populating the apps with the objects of your unrequited affection, it monitors their relationship status. As soon as the status changes to single, an alarm goes off in your stalker cave. Well, not exactly, but the app notifies you that your potential mate has just broken up and therefore a great opportunity for you to play the rebound (wo)man.

The good book may tell you not to covet your neighbor’s wife, but the Breakup Notifier app is just the workaround for that rule. So what are you waiting for? Click here to get the app.

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