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Facebook Takes 31.2% of the U.S. Ad Display Market

May 5th, 2011
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Facebook now claims nearly a third of all U.S. display advertising impressions with 346.4 billion in the first quarter, more than double what it garnered in the comparable quarter in 2010, according to a new report.

The research, by comScore, estimates that Facebook now has 31.2% of U.S. advertising display impressions, up from 25.9% in the fourth quarter of 2010 and 15.6% in Q1 2010. At the current pace, Facebook will easily surpass 1 trillion impressions for the year.

The total number of U.S. impressions was 1.1 trillion for the first quarter. Facebook’s closest competitor is Yahoo’s network of sites, which claimed 10.1% of the market. Google, which is still relatively new to the display business, had 2.5%. The chart below shows Facebook’s rise since January 2010.

The latest numbers are proof, if anyone needed it, that Facebook’s advertising business is off to a running start in 2011. Facebook’s dominance in the market has prompted it to raise its ad unit prices by 40% according to one report while another speculated that the company’s IPO could be in the $100 billion range next year. Facebook’s business is growing faster than previously thought.

This recent report also notes that AT&T was once again the biggest display advertiser on the web with 19.4 billion impressions or 1.8% of the total market. Number two was Experian with 16.6 billion and 1.1%.

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The Web Goes Green for Earth Day

April 23rd, 2011

April 22, is the day when we celebrate our planet and its resources that should be preserved. In case you forgot, the web will remind you it’s Earth Day.

As always, many popular websites are raising awareness about this day; this year Google is celebrating with an animated, interactive Doodle on its homepage and Yahoo also sports a cute animated logo in a similar vein., besides being dressed in an Earthy theme, offers the answers to some important questions about the environment.

Besides featuring a special logo, Aol’s front page story brings some of the most amazing photos of the Earth taken from space, and Microsoft Bing regularly features some beautiful photos taken from all around the globe, and today is no exception.

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Facebook Comments, Now On Over 50K Sites, Get More Social With Latest Upgrade

April 14th, 2011

Facebook Comments, which people either love or hate, have just been amped up by Facebook, to increase the ever elusive “user engagement,” which just means get more traffic. We’ve been using Facebook Comments for about a month, and I am personally thrilled at the improved quality of discussion, despite being bothered by annoyances like not being able to edit into comments.

According to Facebook, Facebook Comments are now on over 50,000 websites including us, NBC and Sure is a start, Facebook’s got a long way to go if it wants to dominate the commenting space. While it made some needed adjustments today, there’s still more work that needs to be done.

Here are the new features added in today’s upgrade:


Users can now access each comment by its permalink, allowing users to share and a respond to specific comments more easily. Comment notifications in the Facebook newsfeed also direct back to specific comments, which is awesome because the alternative is pretty disorienting.

Comments API

Facebook is also providing an API so site owners can search and rank their comments, like highlight interesting and popular comments, reward top commenters or segment comments around a specific topic, like Apple or startups.

More social context in the newsfeed

Developers now also have the option of adding meta-tags to include more information about a story in commenters Facebook newsfeeds, including any images involved, title and description. Facebook holds that this optimization will increase click through because users will feel more drawn to specific stories.

Darker color scheme

Facebook is also offering a darker color scheme for darker websites, so developers with darker sites don’t have to have mismatched commenting systems. I’m actually pretty surprised no one thought of this sooner.

For trolls people clamoring for alternate ways to log in, Hotmail accounts have been added as a third-party login option along with Aol and Yahoo, but more interestingly there’s no mention of adding Gmail and Twitter which were slated to also be options pre-launch and then somehow mysteriously disappeared.

Great. So those without a Facebook account are good to login if they’re planning on doing so from 1998. See what I mean about “more work that still needs to be done”?

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Yahoo India to Launch Search Direct within 2011

April 4th, 2011

Will give predictive search results as you type keywords in the search bar

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Like they say, better late than never.

A good half a year after Google launched interactive prediction based search feedback service Instant, Yahoo India just announced that it will launch its own version of Instant dubbed Search Direct. Don’t hold your breath yet, because the service will not be available till the second half of 2011. Just like Google’s Instant, Yahoo’s Search Direct predicts search results as you type in the keywords into the search bar. The announcement comes a week after Yahoo launched Search Direct in U.S. in the beta stage.

“The new search engine predicts search results as fast as a person types – character by character, and presents those results dynamically, generating a fast, simple search experience that goes beyond mere blue links,” said  Prabhakar Raghavan, chief scientist, senior vice-president and head of Yahoo Labs. Despite competition from Google, Yahoo reaches out to 30 million unique users per month in India, which is about 74 percent of the Indian Internet audience. Loyal Yahoo users therefore finally get one of Google’s most innovative features on the search engine of their choice.

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Yahoo Revamps Yahoo Mail & Yahoo Messenger!

November 18th, 2010

Yahoo has unveiled a beta version of its new Yahoo Mail & Yahoo Messenger.

With Facebook launching an innovative mail service and AOLtweaking itself, it was time Yahoo! revamped itself to stay ahead of the competition or stay in the competition. Yahoo has unveiled its 11th edition of the Messenger and Mail service.

Dubbed Yahoo! Messenger 11 Beta and Yahoo! Mail Beta yahoo promise a whole new experience and new features for users.

The New Revamped Yahoo Messenger

Users will now be able to post updates on social networking sites like Facebook, Pulse, Flickr and Twitter. Yahoo messenger will now allow users to play games with their contacts just like in Facebook (Facebook games like Mafia wars, Fishville etc.. soon to be added).

Yahoo Messenger 11 also enables users to chat with their friends on Facebook Chat using the dedicated instant messaging client. Yahoo! Messenger 11 will also allows multiple sign-ins, so you won’t get disconnected from your desktop if you sign in on your mobile device and the messages will be sent to all the signed in devices at the same time.

The New Revamped Yahoo Mail

The new Yahoo mail beta has been designed from the scratch, in addition to having equipped with integration to social networking sites. Yahoo has also improved security, giving users additional protection from spam.

The revamped yahoo mail will now allow users to view Photos and videos from Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube directly. In addition to that searching for mail and sorting it out becomes easier.