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Myspace Has Just One Bidder

Published by pratyushkp on June 10th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

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The tragic tale of once successful Myspace may finally come to an end.

According to All Things Digital, an investing group including Activision Chairman Bobby Kotick is in final talks to take over the site. ATD adds that Myspace owner NewsCorp is likely to hold onto about 20 percent of the site.

However, sources close to the deal also warned that it has not yet been finalized and could still fall apart.

News Corp paid $580 million for Myspace back in 2005, but the site has tanked since Facebook‘s rise, even with an attempted makeover into an entertainment hub. Recent numbers have shown traffic in steep decline.

Still, the most current reports said that News Corp was hoping to get at least $100 million by selling off the Myspace. Sources indicate that these numbers will not be met.

Since News Corp announced that the site was open for takeover, companies including Vevo, Zynga, and a few others were rumored to have been interested. These deals have not worked out, according to ATD.

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Twitter Automates Link Shortening for Its Web App

Published by pratyushkp on June 8th, 2011 - in Social, Technology
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Twitter has announced that links shared on will be automatically shortened using the service’s URL shortener.

Links of any length will be cut down to a tidy number of characters — 19, to be precise — and an ellipsis when the sender clicks the Tweet button.

Although each link is assigned a unique link ID, the links will appear on Twitter as abbreviated versions of their originals so users always have some idea of where their next click will take them — a smart move on Twitter’s part given the number of URL-shortened spam or scam links that have made the rounds on the microblogging platform over the past year or so.

Still, you can expect to see plenty of other URL shorteners floating around Twitter — especially ones like Hootsuite that give their users a full analytics rundown for each link. Twitter said users can still use any third-party link-shortening services on

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Free Tube Hub hot sexy girls links spread virally on Facebook

Published by pratyushkp on June 7th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

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Beware the back booty!

There’s a huge trend right now for scams to spread across Facebook, using various alluring topics to get you to click.

Ask yourself this. Would you be in the market for a website which offers daily updated awesome movies of the hottest sexy girls?

If so, you’re a prime candidate to fall for the latest scam spreading rapidly across Facebook using an image of a woman with a large bottom and a minuscule bikini.

Damn, just found new tube site - a lot of awesome movies there!

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Don’t make the mistake of clicking before you think, or you could be helping this one spread across the social network.

This attack is spreading very rapidly right now – so think with your brains, not with the contents of your trousers.

And if you did fall for the attack, make sure to clean it off your wall before you pass it onto your other Facebook friends. Use this as a lesson for the future.

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