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Google Chrome Warns Against Malicious Downloads

April 17th, 2011

The browser now alerts users if the file being downloaded is malicious

Google boasts about several security features in its Chrome web browser. Now, Google has added one more feature in Chrome web browser which will alert users against malicious file downloads. Now that’s something every browser should ideally have so that users don’t have to be dependent on anti-malware programs. This experimental feature is currently made available to Chrome Development Channel for testing and initially, it will alert against malicious Windows executables.

The Google Safe Browsing API comes into picture when the browser checks if the Windows executable being downloaded originates from a malicious code bearing site or not. Also, it has the same privacy policy as in the Safe Browsing feature which means Google will never know what URL you’ve visited to download that particular file.

This new alert against malicious file download could be too small to be noticed. At times, users are in such a hurry that they click on the ‘x’ (Close) on any pop-up message. So instead of showing an alert just above the status bar, something more attention drawing is required to make this feature actually useful.

Google Chrome has been offering features such as alerts the users against faulty websites that intend to inject malicious code in the user system. Google accumulates data about such websites and makes it available via Safe Browsing API. Several web browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari make use of Google’s Safe Browsing API to warn users if they happen to visit webpages that have been coded smartly to inject malware code in the system.
Google didn’t promise any date when the feature would be implemented and made available via a stable build of the Chrome browser.
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Chrome’s new “Speak to Search” option

April 9th, 2011

Google chrome earlier had developed a software that allowed the users to talk to the browser via HTML5 code. Now, a team has come up with an extension of this software that allows this software to be used in search boxes across the web.

The extension, called “Speechify”, was developed by the Dugley Labs. Now many of the search engines display a small microphone icon right next to their search boxes. This icon when clicked allows users to “speak” what u wanted to search. Google, Bing, Youtube, Hulu are some of the sites that support this.

It is working pretty well as of now and returns exact searches for songs or sites or videos. Though there are minor hitches and glitches, like in some sites the microphone feature doesn’t work although it shows and in others it is shown at weird places like the title bar but it still works. But it works the best with Google and the Instant as it allows the users to search without using the keyboard.

This kind of feature has been used in mobiles before but to see it work on the web is interesting. As of now Chrome 11 beta supports it bu tit is expected to soon move to other builds too.

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Internet Explorer 9 Final May Release on March 16

February 19th, 2011

Beauty of the Web event hinting at something major related to IE9

Last week, Microsoft rolled out the first Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9 web browser. Apparently, the software giant is gearing up for the web browser war that seems to be heating up slowly. Neowin reported about a media invite being sent out about Microsoft holding Beauty of the Web event, again. Microsoft’s IE9 team would be hosting the event so we certainly anticipate IE9 final announcement. Microsoft held IE9 Beta announcement event with the same name – Beauty of the Web in September 2010.

Co-incidentally, Mozilla is also expected to release the Firefox 4.0 final version in March. Today, Google Chrome 10 matured to Beta stage and version 11.10 developer build was released. Yes, there’s no end to new versions of desktop web browsers.

We shall wait till March 14 to see if Microsoft will announce IE9 final or some eye-candy feature related to the same.

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Google Chrome used by 10 Percent Internet Users

January 8th, 2011

The web browser achieved a steady rise in 2010, Internet Explorer share falls

CNET has reported that Google’s Chrome web browser is now used by one out of every ten Internet users on the planet. According to statistics from Net Applications, Chrome rose from 9.3 percent to 10 percent in the last month. The first spot is still held by Internet Explorer, which has the benefit of being the default browser pre-installed in most Windows Operating Systems, which in turn dominates 90 percent of the OSes that run on computers in the world today.

But its market share has been falling, with users moving to either Chrome or Apple’s Safari (which rose from 5.6 to 5.9 percent) particularly of Internet Explorer 6, which fell from 13.7 to 13.1 percent in December. The average-performing IE7 also saw a drastic drop from 9.5 to 8.8 percent. Microsoft breathed new life into IE with their Internet Explorer 9 beta, which has seen a fair adoption increase from 0.4 percent in November to 0.5 percent in December.
Mozilla Firefox stayed the same at 22.8percent market-share. In that sense, Chrome has scaled up pretty well for a browser that’s just a little over two years old.