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YouTube Shares Surprising Statistics On 6th Birthday

Published by pratyushkp on May 26th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

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YouTube’s sixth birthday will be celebrated with a few huge milestones: the site has hit 3 billion views per day.

According to Google’s blog, those 3 billion views a day represent a 50 percent increase over last year.

“That’s the equivalent of nearly half the world’s population watching a YouTube video each day, or every U.S. resident watching at least nine videos a day,” Google wrote.

Uploads have spiked as well. Over 48 hours of video are uploaded to the site each minute, a 37 percent increase in the past six months, and a 100 percent increase from last year. Google attributes the growth to technological advances in the service.

“From faster processing of uploads to longer video lengths to the launch of self-service live stream capabilities to partners, we’re constantly evolving to provide the best video sharing and viewing experience for you,” it wrote.

ComScore ranks YouTube as the top online video property as of April, with over 142 million unique visitors, trailed by VEVO with over 55 million viewers. Facebook, in fourth, has over 46 million viewers.

YouTube announced recently that it would partner with Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros to provide full-length streaming movies soon.


Check out this chart from Google highlighting YouTube statistics:

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Facebook Takes 31.2% of the U.S. Ad Display Market

Published by pratyushkp on May 5th, 2011 - in Social, Technology
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Facebook now claims nearly a third of all U.S. display advertising impressions with 346.4 billion in the first quarter, more than double what it garnered in the comparable quarter in 2010, according to a new report.

The research, by comScore, estimates that Facebook now has 31.2% of U.S. advertising display impressions, up from 25.9% in the fourth quarter of 2010 and 15.6% in Q1 2010. At the current pace, Facebook will easily surpass 1 trillion impressions for the year.

The total number of U.S. impressions was 1.1 trillion for the first quarter. Facebook’s closest competitor is Yahoo’s network of sites, which claimed 10.1% of the market. Google, which is still relatively new to the display business, had 2.5%. The chart below shows Facebook’s rise since January 2010.

The latest numbers are proof, if anyone needed it, that Facebook’s advertising business is off to a running start in 2011. Facebook’s dominance in the market has prompted it to raise its ad unit prices by 40% according to one report while another speculated that the company’s IPO could be in the $100 billion range next year. Facebook’s business is growing faster than previously thought.

This recent report also notes that AT&T was once again the biggest display advertiser on the web with 19.4 billion impressions or 1.8% of the total market. Number two was Experian with 16.6 billion and 1.1%.

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