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Google Unveils +1 Button For Third Party Websites

May 17th, 2011

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It is just like Facebook Like , but can do more

After unveiling the +1 button in March, Google has started rolling out the button for third party websites. Google previewed this button, which works like the Facebook Like button, at the Google I/O conference and confirmed that this button will be launched within this week.

The +1 buttons will be in different sizes – Small, Medium, Standard and Tall, with and without the +1 counter, and websites can tie the buttons into their own site logon systems to know which pages are accessed more by users, to keep a record of this. After sufficient number of people have the +1 page on their website, users can view different data such as age and sex of people who recommend those particular pages. This can be done using Google s Analytics system.
Is Google stepping up its social networking strategy? Yes, it is doing it steadily and surely. They tried it with Buzz, not long ago, and it didn t quite succeed. Now they are trying other ways to step up to Facebook in Facebook s backyard. Will they succeed? Only time will tell.

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Google Video shuts down

April 19th, 2011

Google has decided to shut down its video service and has reminded all its users to download their videos before May 13th after which all videos would be unavailable.

Google has further added April 29th, the videos will no longer be available for viewing on the site. However, the downloading function will be available for few weeks after that. Google had stopped adding videos on this site two years ago but they still haven’t transferred these videos to Youtube or Picassa.

Although in the mail to the users of Google videos, it advised them to move their videos to Youtube but the site does not provide for this option. Thus the users have to follow the entire downloading from Google videos and then uploading it to Youtube on their own. Many users feel that it is a very odd move as Google should have created a way where they could automatically transfer their videos to other sites like You tube.

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Gmail gets Background Customization Feature

April 16th, 2011

Now, customize your Inbox

Google has added yet another eye-candy feature to its web-based email service – Gmail. Over two years ago, Google had added themes in Gmail which certainly impressed several users, geeks and Gmail loyalists. Today onwards, Google will let you customize your Gmail with any image or your own custom image for the background. Yes, you can customize your Gmail with Kelly Clarkson‘s wallpaper, Dark Knight Rises Poster, or even a photo of your own. Wonder why took Gmail so long to introduce this feature.

Do note that adding a huge image to your Gmail background might make your web browser a wee bit slower. To customize background image on Gmail, go to Themes Tabs in Settings or just click here to go there directly in Gmail.

In the Themes tab, the last option is “Create your own theme” where you must click and a pop-up window will show up. Over there, you’ll get a wireframe like snapshot of your Gmail, where you can customize the different areas with the colors of your choice. Click on the small box on top left corner of that window to give you a drop-down menu about colors and an option to upload image.

Check out the image below to find the upload image option where in you can pull image from Picasa or upload directly from your computer.

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Google bug disables 150000 Gmail accounts

March 2nd, 2011

Yesterday around 150000 Gmail users account were disabled by the Google system. They lost all their emails, attachments and chat logs. Google explained that approximately 0.08% of its users were affected by this bug. This bug reset all these accounts and even sent them the Google start up mail that any new user of Gmail receives.

Google reported on its dashboard that the engineers are working to get the problem fixed and restore full access. When the Google spokesman was contacted, a clear message was sent across stating that all the mails and accounts would be restored. Though many users are still apprehensive about the fact that all their messages would be restored.

Meanwhile others are advised to take precautions and store a backup of all their emails. There is a free application for Mac, PC and Linux called Gmail Backup. This is quick and easy to use. After downloading this software, Google asks for your account details and begins backing up your emails securely. Users have suggested various other sites for backing up their emails as many found that this software is not supported with Mac. Some of the popular ones are and

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