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China to Ban Skype, Internet Phone Calls

Published by pratyushkp on January 24th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

Internet Phone Calls would be allowed only through two-state owned telephone networks

Continuing its agenda to supposedly purify its country, China has now announced that all Internet phone calls services like Skype would soon be banned. Two state owned networks – China Unicom and China Telecom would be the only ones to offer Internet Phone calls, reported Telegraph.

Back in November, China reportedly blocked about 60,000 porn websites and 5000 people offering obscene content.

People’s Daily, the official voice of Communist Party stated, “(The ban) is expected to make services like Skype unavailable in the country. China has already blocked popular Internet services like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Certain Chinese users of Twitter service noted that Skype download was no longer working, however, the service appeared to be functional.
As we all know that Skype is going through a rough technical patch right now and hence it’s possible that something might be wrong at Skype’s end. In an official statement, Skype said that Skype is accessible in China through its partner – Tom Online.
The Chinese ministry of Industry and Information Technology that issues licenses to telecommunication companies, declined to comment on the regulations that would take effect in case of Internet Phone Calls.
Blocking pornographic content was understandable to a certain level, but totally banning the Internet Phone Calls is a pretty stern approach. Whatever services that get banned, users always find out a workaround to access and use them.
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