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Sony admits breach larger than originally thought, 24.5 million SOE users also affected

Published by pratyushkp on May 4th, 2011 - in Social, Technology
Image representing Sony as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Sony disclosed today that the breach affecting its PlayStation Network (PSN) that saw 77 million records lost was larger than they originally thought. Not only were the details of PSN users stolen, but another 24.5 million records related to users of Sony Online Entertainment were stolen as well.

Sony Online Entertainment logoSony Online Entertainment (SOE) is the division of Sony responsible for many of their popular online role-playing games like DC Universe Online and Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. As in the PSN breach, the lost information included names, addresses (city, state, zip, country), email addresses, gender, birthdates, phone numbers, login names and hashed passwords.

In news perhaps worse than the disclosure from two weeks ago, Sony is saying that 12,700 credit and debit cards and expiration dates of non-US customers and 10,700 direct debit accounts (bank account numbers) for users in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Spain may also have been stolen.

SOE email

Unlike the credit cards from PSN, which Sony assured the public were encrypted, no mention was made in Sony’s press release about the information from SOE being protected.

Sony was quick to note that the passwords had been hashed, but has not disclosed which hashing algorithm was used and whether they used a salt when calculating the hashes.

Sony mentioned that the lost credit/debit card information and direct debit banking information was stored in an “outdated database from 2007.”

WHAT??!?! How many locations on your network are housing other “lost” financial data? Do you even know where my information is to check whether it has been stolen?

Whether Sony’s bad practices are an act of hubris or simply gross incompetence is hard to discern. Let’s hope for the sake of Sony’s customers and the poor souls in their public relations department that this is the last disclosure they will need to make related to this incident.

It is important to remember that Sony is a victim as well, not just the 101.5 million customers whose personal information have been disclosed. Malicious attacks like this are a serious crime, it is just unfortunate that Sony had not taken a few preventative measures to be sure our information was safe.

For more information on how to keep your data safe, visit our Data Loss and Regulations site to download free tools, papers and other advice on keeping your data safe.

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A First Look at Facebook’s New Deals

Published by pratyushkp on April 26th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

Tomorrow, Facebook’s new Deals featurewill be launching in five cities around the U.S.; here’s a first glimpse of how those offers will look and function.

Facebook logo

Image via Wikipedia

First, users who opt into Deals will get to see opportunities specific to their locations. Those offers will arrive via email or, in some cases, will appear in the user’s news feed on Facebook.

To be clear, these aren’t like the checkin-based deals for mobile users that Facebook launched for its nascent Places platform; while the initial mobile Deals product competed with Foursquare, the new product competes more with Groupon.

Each deal will have its own Facebook landing page, as shown below. Users can “Like” a deal, share it via several channels on the site, or opt to buy it right away. When purchasing the deal, users can pay with credit card or Facebook Credits.

It’s unknown whether Facebook will make more money from Credits purchases than from traditional ones. A rep said via email, “We’re not disclosing details about revenue splits, but paying with Credits will work the same way as paying with a credit card. It’s simply another way for people to pay for Deals. We think this just makes things easier for people using Facebook.”

Check out the gallery below for a walkthrough of signing up for, finding, buying and sharing the new Facebook Deals.

Source -: Mashable Blog

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