Twilight Breaking Dawn FB Scam Spreads Virally

Published by pratyushkp on April 12th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

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Lures 13 year old girls into clicking Like button to play a non-existent game

If 13 year old girls have access to your computer, it would bode well to read what follows very carefully. While the Nigerians have been scamming the gullible ones amongst us using money as bait, certain enterprising scammers on Facebook have found that Stephanie Meyer s Twilight series works even better on 13 year old girls. That s quite a brilliant idea as 13 year old girls seem to constitute 90% of the Facebook demographic.

Note: By 13, we mean intellectual maturity and not just basic biological age, and by girls we mean the men, women and children who read/watch the glittering, manic-depressive, plastic faced vampires, as they butcher the vampire/lycan mythos with an emo Mills and Boon treatment.

The scam tricks 13 year girls into clicking the Play Now button that purports to let them try out the game for the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of latest Stephanie Meyer horror, “Twilight: Breaking Dawn“. The Play Now button is a disguised Like button to a non-existent game, which causes the scam to spread like a Justin Bieber single amongst 13 year old girls.

The scam continues with users then being presented with a dialog box, asking them to grant permission for a third party application to access their Facebook account and post messages, updates and photos to their wall.

“Of course, if you’re a fan of “Twilight” you will quite possibly grant permission without thinking,” said Graham Cluley, Senior Technology Consultant at IT security and data protection firm Sophos. “The only problem being that this isn’t a legitimate application request, but is being done by a rogue app that wants to make money out of your devotion to the works of Stephenie Meyer’s series of novels. Predictably, having gained the ability to post to your Facebook account, the scammers then present the final piece of the jigsaw: an online survey which earns them affiliate commission for each person who completes the questionnaire.”

Having read this warning, does it mean that you will be able to stop your 13 year old girl from being clickjacked by the lure of an Edward Cullen Twilight game? This is as aggravating as it is an exercise in futility, because the truth is that 13 year old girls are an unstoppable force.

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