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Orkut Attempts To Win Back Its Users

December 29th, 2010

Orkut was once a site that was famous for its photo uploads. But with Facebook adding interesting features the number of users of orkut drastically reduced. Orkut is now beginning to make some attempts to tempt users to use more of it by enabling users to edit photos in their Orkut albums. For this purpose, Orkut has been integrated with Picnik. By using the option “Edit in Picnik” in the orkut photo albums, users can do basic fixes with easy but powerful editing tools. All that users have to do is to click the option button to even do changes in fonts, shapes, frames. Moreover users can even tweak and add loads of effects that make the photos look really impressive.

This is just another attempt to win back its users but only time will tell us if this really attracts users.


Bom Sabado Virus Attacks Google

September 27th, 2010

Google is fighting a virus that has launched a attack on its social networking site Orkut.

Social networking site Orkut is currently hit by a virus problem.Dubbed ‘Bom Sabado, which means ‘Good Saturday’ in Portuguese, the worm has attacked the XSS (cross-site scripting) of the site and posted scraps to the Orkut users with the text Bom Sabado and sent to the users account by the name of the other friends account.

Google has asked Orkut users to not login for a while and have asked users to refresh their browser cookies & cache. Google has also advised users to change the password and the security question as well.


Facebook Races Ahead Of Orkut In India

August 26th, 2010

Market researchers have rated Facebook as the most favorite rate as compared to Orkut that has come in second.

Though Facebook reached India late, it seems to be the latest “in” thing. Market researcher’s comScore’s latest report states that Facebook has won the number one rank with 20.9 million visitors in July while Orkut on the other hand recorded 19.9 million visitors in the same year.

The 3rd rank was taken by, a social utility that aims to bring together young Indians living across the globe while Yahoo Pulse with 3.5 million visitors bagged the fourth place. While twitter which has become the latest fad among celebrities managed to get only 3.3 million visitors in the country, putting it in fifth place.

Facebook has apparently built its 500 million fan base with the help of its intuitive user interface, variety of games and applications like FarmVille, FishVille, Mafia Wars, Sudoku and many more, Facebook has also built up a image of being cool and the combination of these facts have made it India’s most favorite social networking site.


Google Revamps Its Social Networking Site

August 25th, 2010

Orkut a social networking site has revamped its site in a bid to attract new users.

Facebook is on a all time high with a 500 million strong user base which includes celebrity users, the site seems to be improving day-by-day bringing in a host of new applications and software’s. Orkut on the other hand is losing its users but refuses to go down without a good fight.

Orkut has brought in brand new settings to attract its losing fan base and to cater to a new set of users. The new settings introduced are -

  • Now Orkut users can send multiple similar scraps to people from their account
  • Users can select a set of friends and form a private group, where scraps sent to these members can be viewed only by them.
  • Orkut will now suggest friend groups based on past interactions by the user so that the entire process of making individual groups is made easier

Orkut is also planning to revamp its existing services like updates, improved birthday display, more games and applications from the homepage?.