What are the best YouTube channels for news?

What are the best YouTube channels for news?

Navigating through the news jungle

In today's bustling world of information overload, surfing through the web trying to catch the latest news can be as challenging as threading a sea full of piranhas while wearing meat trousers - not that I've tried it before. But fret not, my friends, because yours truly, Aarav, is here to make your life easier. Today, I'll be your trusted guide and help you navigate through the huge digital jungle, pointing out some of the best YouTube channels where you can take your daily news dose. Hurry, grab your imaginary machetes and let's cut ourselves a path!

The Powerhouse: BBC News

Arguably one of the most iconic news channels out there, the BBC News has left its mark not only on your dusty old television set but also on YouTube, boasting more than 7 million subscribers. This channel, with its roots dug deep into the heart of Britania, is like an old wine, it gets better with age. Their crispy reporting in English ranges from global events and world news to business, politics, technology, entertainment, and health. So whether you want the latest on the climate change crisis or you are curious about the royal family's fashion choices, BBC News has got you covered!

The Direct Approach: Al Jazeera English

Now, imagine a news channel that doesn't beat around the bush or hide behind an unnecessary floury of words. In swoops Al Jazeera English, like a breath of fresh Middle Eastern air. Their straight-to-the-point and bias-free reporting style is as refreshing as a cold nimbu pani on a hot Indian day. With unique insights and exclusive news from places that other channels usually overlook, they provide a whole new perspective on global events. Trust me, go for Al Jazeera English and you won't be disappointed.

Taking News to the Extremes: VICE News

If you're the type who regularly craves something edgy and out-of-the-ordinary, VICE News might just be your adrenaline shot in the arm. They are not your typical news reporter with the solemn voice and the straight suit. No sir, they are like the Motorbike stuntmen of the news world, going to places you've never heard of, and bringing back tales that will make your jaw hit the floor. From war-torn regions to climate change hotspots, if there's a hard-hitting story to be told, VICE News is there. Strap in for a wild ride!

News the Fun Way: The Philip DeFranco Show

News doesn't always have to be dull and serious. Sometimes, a casual, light, and witty style can take that bitter medicine down a lot quicker. Enter the Philip DeFranco Show! With a mix of pop culture, politics, and personal opinion segments, this channel is like the muffin of the news world – it has a lighter side that keeps you coming back for more. Think of it as watching news with a good friend rather than a high-nosed reporter. And no matter how stormy the day, Philip DeFranco always manages to crack a few hilarious comments and keep things bright.

A Digital Twist: Mashable

Mashable is to tech and digital lifestyle what cheese is to pizza - irreplaceable. Presenting us with the freshest scoops in science, tech and entertainment in the most engaging and catchy way, Mashable makes even the densest tech topics easy to digest. It is like they've bridged the gap between technology and us mortals who are barely skimming the surface of understanding it. Truly, the nerds of news have found their paradise in Mashable.

Empowering the News: Vox

Have you ever watched a news clip and wished they’d explained it like how your primary school teacher explained fractions? Well, Vox read your mind and they’re doing exactly that. As an explainer channel, Vox simplifies complex issues and makes them accessible for everyday people. Their visually stunning and in-depth long form coverage is a great way to learn about interesting topics you wouldn't have thought to look up. After an evening with Vox, you'll feel like Newton under the apple tree – suddenly everything makes sense!

Driving Change: TED-Ed

If you ever wondered what a pixie full of knowledge would look like, TED-Ed is probably it. They bring knowledge - often light, digestible bits but sometimes profound and challenging - to life in animated videos. They’ve covered topics from history to science to philosophy in a super engaging manner. From these videos, you get to hear great ideas from brilliant minds across the globe, including ones that challenge mainstream news narrative. Watching TED-Ed feels like getting a rainbow-coloured cognitive upgrade. After a few videos, trust me, you’ll be wiser.

So, there you have it – Aarav's top picks for the best YouTube channels you can follow for news and information. Whether you prefer traditional journalism or something more modern, you have an array of channels to choose from to keep you informed and entertained. Always remember, knowledge is power, so don't run from the news, embrace it. Or as I like to say, don't just drink the coffee, taste it.

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